One day in Linz – Austria. What to Visit.

Linz will be our last stop on our trip through Austria. It is not a city too big although at first sight it presents interesting tourist attractions.

Linz is a fairly quiet city with little movement and a nice walk along the main and commercial street leading to the square, right next to the river.

As we say, the site is nice and not bad, but from my point of view does not deserve it as a basic point of passage for a route.

The city is characterized by hosting the most important digital art festival in the world at Ars Electronica Center, a museum of future and technology. 3000 square meters of exhibitions has hosted since 1979 the festival with about 100,000 spectators per year. The main monument of the city is the Old Baroque Town Hall of the sixteenth century by the master Christoph 25 meters high. Another example of the cultural level of the city is the Lentos Museum of Art, which exhibits nineteenth-century works of art of classical modernism. A facade of 130 meters and an area of 8000 square meters house more than 12000 works. We also find Linz, the largest church in Austria, the New Cathedral, whose construction ended in 1924 and has a capacity for 20000 people. If you are a nature lover, you should visit the Botanical Garden, one of the most beautiful in Europe with its 4.2 hectares and its 10000 types of plants. Contains 5 greenhouses.

This is the selection of points of interest we find in the city.

  • Landstrasse
  • Nibelung Bridge
  • Urfahr district
  • Mount Pöstling
  • Hautplatz: Column of the Trinitat and the City Council
  • Domgasse: Alter Dom (old cathedral)
  • Klasterstrass: Church of the Friars Minor and the Parlament
  • Passing through Herrenstrasse we arrive at: Neuer Dom (new cathedral)
  • Castle (formerly a fortress)
  • Behind the castle: Church of San Martín (Carolingian period)
  • To the right of the bridge Nebielungen: Lentos Kuntsmuseum Art Museum (Interesting collection of works -Klimt, Warhol, Chillida-)

To 10km of Linz we find the concentration camp of Mauthausen where we will also visit. It could be a good idea to hire a car at Linz Airport to visit it. If you want more information about him simply visit Mauthausen Gusen Concentration Centre Field